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They Tried To Kills Us Cover


They Tried To Kill Us. They Failed. Lets Eat!

[Rubber/EMI 2007]

01. They Tried To Kill Us. They Failed. Let's Eat!
02. The Truth About David Bowie!
03. Happy New Year Atom
04. Yam Shel D'maot
05. Should've Stayed Home
06. Skinhead Girls
07. Commander Josh's Barmitzvah Destruction Party
08. Gesher Tsar Me'od
09. Natalie Portman, This Is Your Last Chance
10. A Song For Your Scenes
11. The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Conventions...
12. The Partisan Song
13. You Ought To Come With A Health Warning
14. Singer Songwriter Schmuck
15. Movin Back In
16. Total Commercial Failure

eighth day slice cover


Eighth Day Slice / Fiddlin On Ya Roof

[Rubber 2005]

Track Listing Coming Soon

wings dvd cover


Wind Beneath My Wings DVD

[Rubber/Boomtown 2005]

01. Wind Beneath My Wings
02. The Punk Rock Chanukah Song
03. Stupiopidity
04. The Guy Penis Show
05. Live At Concert In The Park
06. Israel Tour Video

b killers cover


Attack Of The B-Killers

[Boomtown/MGM 2004]

01. The Rose - USELESS ID
02. Under The Boardwalk - ATOM
03. From A Distance - YIDCORE
04. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy - MAN ALIVE
05. The Way We Were - USELESS ID
06. Send In The Clowns - YIDCORE
07. Evergreen - MAN ALIVE
08. Memory - YIDCORE(Bonus Track)

scrambles cover


Srambles: New, Live, Rare and Classic Schtick

[Independant 2003]

01. Ole Ole
02. Shir Lashalom
03. Why Won't Adam Sandler Let Us Do his Song?
04. Yerushalayim Shel Zahav (New Version)
05. Hora!!! (New Version)
06. Eli Eli
07. Hatikvah (New Version)
08. Yerushalayim Oro Shel Olam
09. Especially For You
10. New Rock Is Just Like Old Rock 11. The Brews (Live at CBGBs)
12. Penis Envy (Live at CBGBs)
13. Nazi Punks F*** Off (Live at CBGBs)
14. Shir Hama'alot (Live at CBGBs)
15. Vehi She'Amda (Live on WSIA)
16. Ir K'Off Agdi
17. Hu hayoshev
18. Bashana Haba'ah
19. Hakotel
20. Haleluya
21. Dayenu
22. Al kol Ele
23. Holy Alligators
24. Adon Olam
25. Just one Shabbos
26. Ma Nishtana MP3
27. To Life
28. Hora (Original Demo)
29. Maoz Tsur (Original Demo)
30. B'Tzeit Yisrael (Original Demo)

adam slander cover


The Adam Slander EP

[Little Big Music/MRA 2003]

01. Punk Rock Chanukah Song
02. Why Won't Adam Sandler Let us Do His Song? (New Oz Version)
03. Lonely Jew On Christmas
04. The Dreidle Song (New Oz Version)
05. Hora (New Oz version)
06. To Life (Live at CBGBs)

punk o clock cover


Punk O Clock 3 Compilation CD

[Carefactor Records/MGM 2003]

Featuring HORA

chicken soup cover


Great Chicken Soup Caper EP

[Swell Records/Big Daddy Distro 2002]

01. Why Won't Adam Sandler Let us Do His Song?
02. Hu Hayoshev
03. Vehi Sheamda
04. Hakotel
05. Bashana Haba'ah
06. Dreidle Song
07. Hora
08. To Life (Live at CBGBs)

yidcore cover


Yidcore Self Titled Debut

[Swell Records/Big Daddy Distro 2001]

01. If I Were A Rich Man
02. Hora #5
03. Dayenu
04. Halleluya
05. Minyan Man
06. Maoz Tsur
07. Adon Olam
08. Holy Alligators
09. Al Kole Ele
10. Just One Shabbos
11. Ma Nishtana
12. B'Tzeit Yisrael
13. Shir Hama'a lot
14. Yerushalayim Shel Zahav
15. To Life
16. Ose Shalom

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